Ben Shi : notes


- Mar 20th: Questions to ask when choosing new tools, frameworks & libraries
- Mar 13th: Share linux folders using NFS


- Apr 18th: Reenabling Key Repeats in OSX Yosemite


- Dec 14th: Flush entire nginx mod_pagespeed cache
- Oct 25th: Xcode 6.1 SourceKitService Crashes Continously
- Sep 27th: Shellshock vulnerability
- Sep 21st: virtualenv 101


- Nov 03rd: Building high performance Java application (Lessons Learnt)


- Oct 31st: Recursively change permission on files and directories
- Oct 02nd: ffmpeg one liners
- Aug 28th: UTS 2012 Programming Competition – Q1, Q2, Q3
- Aug 27th: Java Pet Peeves (#1 – String Concatenation)
- Aug 23rd: Reversing a string without temp variables or library functions
- Feb 16th: Recursively remove all .svn directories
- Jan 16th: WIFI channel width preventing devices to connect to router
- Jan 09th: Autofit the height of a merged cell in VBA


- Dec 12th: Revert changes in SVN
- Nov 20th: Customising prompt in unix shell
- Sep 03rd: Bash Script for Directory Syncing
- Aug 30th: Disabling the Mac OSX Dashboard