Ben Shi

Ben Shi

I'm Ben Shi, a Sydney-based Full Stack Software Engineer specialising in micro-services and API development. This is a playground for me to document my learnings and experiences as a technologist.

You can find out a little bit more about me over here.

Contact: [email | twitter| linkedin]
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25 October, 2014

Xcode 6.1 SourceKitService Crashes Continously

After importing some files I started getting this error every few seconds. I tried restarting Xcode and went through all the obvious steps…

27 September, 2014

Shellshock vulnerability

On 24th Sept 2014, a bash vulnerability, now known as ShellShock was disclosed. The vulnerability allowed attackers to execute arbitrary…

21 September, 2014

virtualenv 101

virtualenv is a tool that allow users to create an isolated Python environment. It works by creating a working copy of Python runtime…

29 May, 2014

Book Review: Musashi – Eiji Yoshikawa (5/5)

This masterpiece by Eiji Yoshikawa is easily one of the best (if not the best) book I have ever read. A well-written fictionalisation of the…

03 November, 2013

Building high performance Java application (Lessons Learnt)

Whilst on training abroad last month, I had the opportunity of building an automated rates trading system in Java from scratch to compete…