Ben Shi

Ben Shi

I'm Ben Shi, a Sydney-based Full Stack Software Engineer specialising in micro-services and API development. This is a playground for me to document my learnings and experiences as a technologist.

You can find out a little bit more about me over here.

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28 August, 2012

UTS 2012 Programming Competition – Q1, Q2, Q3

A couple weeks ago, I attended the UTS Programming Competition as a group of three. Although we didn’t go quiet as well but it wasn’t too…

27 August, 2012

Java Pet Peeves (#1 – String Concatenation)

This is one of my most hated thing in Java whenever a friend asked to have a look at their code and it has to do with String Concatenation…

23 August, 2012

Reversing a string without temp variables or library functions

So yesterday my friend Jimmy asked me to reverse a string while we were in one of the computers labs at uni. At first I thought “hey, isn…

16 February, 2012

Recursively remove all .svn directories

While moving some of my old projects from my svn server at home over to Bitbucket, I used this snippets to remove all the .svn directories…

16 January, 2012

WIFI channel width preventing devices to connect to router

I have this annoying problems where I couldn’t set my wifi channel to anything apart from 1, 6 and 11. If I set it to anything except the…