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  • Phone - Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro
  • Tablet - Apple iPad Air 2
  • Headphone - Bose QuietComfort 35 II - over-ear, mostly for work & air travel
  • Earbuds - EOZ Air - in-ear, mostly for daily commute
  • Cameras - Nikon D90 & Sony Alpha A6000

Development Tools

  • Kitty - Terminal of choice, I previously used iterms but it became super bloated
  • Zsh & zinit - shell of choice, yes I have my dotfiles
  • Intellij IDEA - IDE of choice for most languages, occasionally use VS Code for web
  • Sublime Text - general text editor, beats VS Code in speed and large files
  • Firefox Developer Edition - go to browser, like the dev tools

and memory usage, I use Microsoft Edge if I need a chromium based browser

  • Docker - containerised builds and apps
  • Iosevka - terminal font, its slender and less rounded

Development Services

General Software

  • Spark - cross platform email client for mac, ios & android
  • Slack - general comms for work/user groups
  • Microsoft To Do - task lists management
  • Bitwarden - password manager
  • Adguard - system wide adblocker
  • Hammerspoon - mac automation tool, I write my own scripts window manager, caffeine replacement, spotify slack status updater. Check out my hammerspoon setup.
  • Karabiner-Elements - powerful keyboard rebinding app, remap caps-lock to esc and any other Func keys

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