Personal Work

I’m still in the process of consolidating my work in the one place, this page will be updated regularly

smex [github]

A blazing fast cli application to process/extract/convert sitemaps, written in golang. Cross compiled to mac, linux & windows.

gatsby-source-mastodon plugin [npm | github]

Gatsby plugin for sourcing user toots from any Mastodon network.

awesome-performance [github]

A collection of videos, talks and tools about all things performance engineering and testing. I created this in tandem with my performance testing talk at DDDSydney. [versions]

I’ve went through multiple iterations of the website as my personal design philosphy changed over time. I’ve created a dedicated page to take you through the different iterations.

Professional Work

Below are some of my professional projects/work that I have been involved in, which are available in the public. I omitted some projects due to NDAs and other restrictions.


A superannuation administration platform designed from the ground up built on top of distributed ledger technology (Corda) (find out more).

Technology - Kotlin, R3 Corda, Spring Boot, VueJs, Node.Js, Postgres, RPC, Rest API, AWS

ELNO API - NSW Land Registry

A rebuild of NSW Land Registry’s electronic conveyancing API from monolithic service to a distributed microservices architecture. The system was designed to be scalable, flexible and secure. Additionally, the platform was reengineered to support multiple ELNO operators, at the time of the build only PEXA and Sympli are operating on the new platform (find out more).

Technology - Java, Spring Boot, Apigee, MSSQL, AWS

Historical Land Registry Records - NSW Land Registry

A rebuild of NSW Land Registry’s historical land record system to view historical/archived maps, charters and indexes for the state. The new application focused on speed and usability through the use of ElasticSearch. The system was required to serve out over 5TB of historical images and 2GB of index data (find out more).

Technology - React.js, Ant Design, ElasticSearch, OpenSeadragon, MSSQL, AWS

VFF Portal - Velocity Frequent Flyers

A new iPaaS implementation built for Velocity Frequent Flyers to integrate with VFF’s many downstream systems such s user profiles, frequent flyer points and other backing services. Microservices architecture with Apigee as API gatway and keycloak as authentication and authorization service (find out more).

Technology - Java, Sprint Boot, Apigee, KeyCloak, AWS

Marketplace API - Suncorp

A new marketplace to bring all of Suncorp products and its child brands together in a single place. I worked as a consultant on the building the life insurance API (link).

Technology - Java, Sprint Boot, Axway, Oauth2, AWS

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