Ben Shi

I'm Ben Shi, a Sydney-based software engineer specialising in micro-services and API development. This is a playground for me to document my learnings and experiences as a technologist.

You can find out more about me, my talks and what I use.

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Recent Posts
15 October, 2018

Version 7 - GatsbyJS

I did a complete rewrite of my personal website in the last week. I abandoned CMSs all together and ventured down using a static site…

20 March, 2016

Choosing between Frameworks & Tools

New tools, frameworks and libraries pop up all the time (especially true in javascript), so how do you assess whether they are the right fit…

13 March, 2016

Share linux folders using NFS

I’ve moved all my disk mounts on my HP Proliant Server over from Samba to NFS. The steps below are for a simple setup used in my own home…

18 April, 2015

Reenabling Key Repeats in OSX Yosemite

Apple has disabled key repeats by default in Yosemite. To enable, just run: In case you don’t like the delay with key repeats, you can…

14 December, 2014

Flush entire nginx mod_pagespeed cache

While removing the entire cache folder is perfectly fine, according to pagespeed docs, the safest way of doing so is to touch the cache…

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